Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Water Container

Dansac water container with hinge: part of the equipment needed at home for the antegrade continence enema (ACE) operation.

Welland Aura Drainable Pouch

Drainable pouches with soft backing, Dual Carb i filter, integral closure, and oval flange containing Manuka honey.

Welland Aura Profile Closed Beige

Aura Profile Closed has a flexible and adaptable flange, which moulds and shapes around the contours of a parastomal hernia providing a secure, leak-free fit. The unique flange can be fully inverted to adapt to any body profile and can also be a solution for dips, moats, scars or creases. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey to the hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.