Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Lactulose (Duphalac)

Osmotic laxative. Lactulose 3.335 g/5 ml. Starting dose: Adults and adolescents: 15-45 ml, corresponding to 1-3 sachets, Children (7-14 years old): 15ml, corresponding to 1 sachet, Children (1-6 years old): 5-10ml, infants under 1 year old: up to 5ml. Maintenance dose: Adults and adolescents: 15-30 ml, corresponding to 1-2 sachets, Children (7-14 years): 10-15 ml, corresponding to 1 sachet*, Children (1-6 years): 5-10 ml, Infants under 1 year: up to 5 ml

Ladies Ostomy Wear

Suportx ostomy and abdominal support with built in pouch cover and night drainage.

Large Black Nappy Disposal Bag

These Large Black Nappy Bags has been specially manufactured from a high-density polythene, making them perfect for used/heavy incontinence products. They are lightweight and thin to touch, whilst being 10% thicker than a typical supermarket carrier bag. Black colour provides the ultimate discretion.

Large Incontinence Nappy Disposal Bags

These large incontinence nappy disposal bags have been especially designed to hold soiled pads, pull ups and all-in-one incontinence products. The bags are suitable for larger incontinence products and have a light apple scent.

LBF Barrier Cream

A barrier cream that protects intact skin that is at risk or likely to be compromised by corrosive bodily fluids (including urine and faeces) or adhesives. The barrier cream is fragrance-free, moisturising, non-greasy, pH balanced and has a 12-hour waterproof formulation. Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.  Once dried it will not affect any adhesion of further appliances.

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Wipes

Sterile healthcare grade silicones provide a quick drying transparent film that protects intact and injured peristomal skin from bodily fluids and adhesive trauma. Provides an ideal surface for pouch adhesion. Alcohol, preservative and fragrance free. Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.