Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


B Braun Stoma Care Belt

Latex free belt with the following dimensions: 120×4x2.5cm. Suitable for convex one-piece and convex two-piece pouches as well as Iryflex faceplate.

Bardex I.C. Foley Catheter

Bardex I.C. Aquafil Foley catheter with Bacti-Guard silver alloy coating and Bard hydrogel (comes with a pre-filled syringe of sterile water). For up to 28 days’ use.

Beambridge Draining Jug

Ideal for men who have a mobility problem and are confined to bed. The jug has a large fluid chamber.

Beambridge Lady Jug

The jug is made from a soft plastic and is comfortable to use: the opening cups and moulds to the person’s shape. As the fluid is contained in the bag, the jug can be used a number of times during the evening, and the bag emptied the next day.