Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Dansac Non-Sting Adhesive Remover

A silicone-based, no-sting medical adhesive remover that promotes easy and effective removal of adhesive residue(s) and helps to protect the peristomal skin

Dansac Non-Sting Skin Protector Wipes

Dansac Skin Protector is a silicone based, alcohol-free protective film that helps to protect the skin from stoma output and stoma pouch adhesives. Because it is alcohol-free, it can be applied to peristomal skin without stinging. it also can reduce ‘skin stripping’, which can occur when regularly flanges.

Dansac Ostomy Belt

An ostomy belt that comes in two sizes standard (100cm) and long (150cm). Suitable for use with both one-piece and two-piece pouches. Belts can be attached to the belt ears on the pouches or to a belt plate.

Dansac Seals

Used to reduce leaks by providing added protection in skin creases and folds in-between their skin and their ostomy appliance.

Dansac Soft Paste

When applied to the skin, Dansac Soft Paste acts as a filler for contours, scar tissue or skin folds around a stoma or fistula. It also helps to protect the skin, increases security against leakage and extends weartime of an appliance.

Danthron (Co-danthramer)

Stimulant laxative. A lubricant, faecal softener and laxative for the prophylaxis and treatment of constipation in terminally ill patients of all ages. Co-Danthramer 75mg/1000mg per 5ml Oral Suspension. Dosage: Adults: One 5 ml spoonful at bedtime. Children: Not recommended in children under the age of 12. Co-Danthramer 25 mg/200mg per 5ml Oral Suspension. Dosage: Adults: One to two 5 ml spoonfuls at bedtime. Children: Should be avoided in children, but if recommended, a suitable dose is half to one 5 ml spoonful at bedtime