Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Eakin Access Window

Eakin Access Windows can be used in conjunction with Eakin wound pouches.

Eakin Freeseal

The first seal designed for convex drainable pouches. Where convexity is required there can be little room for a seal. At just 1.8mm thin, the Eakin Freeseal solves this problem giving you the freedom to use a seal with a convex drainable pouch. Eakin Freeseal is also absorbent, flexible and mouldable, and easy to remove.


Eakin Stoma Support Belt with Isoflex

Support belt with Isoflex material and adjustable velcro that provides complete abdominal support for the prevention and treatment of hernias, available in a neutral tone.

Ease™ strips - Thin Curve

easeTM Strips are thin, hydrocolloid adhesives that are specially designed to hold your baseplate in place


Easiflex Soft Seal Baseplate

Important: this product with integral convexity should be used only after assessment of suitability by an appropriate medical professional.