Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


P EZ Female Urinal

P EZ is the female urinal that allows women to go to the loo wherever they need

Pearls Super-Absorbent and Odour Control Gelling Sachets

Pearls Super-Absorbent and Odour Control Gelling Sachets

Helps ostomates with loose stool gain more control over the management of their ostomy and their lives by absorbing fluid and gelling inside the pouch. The formed gel is thicker in consistency, which helps to prevent leaks normally associated with liquid output, prevent the filter from clogging which prolongs its efficiency and avoiding bulking by allowing the content to be flattened. Trio Pearls contains an organic compound that specifically targets and actively reduces odours.

Peebol The Pocket-Sized Loo

The Peebol is the pocket sized loo from SHEWEE which allows men, women, and children to urinate on the go! The Peebol: - Turns liquid into a gel almost instantaneously - Is non-Odour - Non-Spill - Holds up to 1 litre - Re-use them until full - Fits into your purse or wallet - Recyclable.


PEEL is a propellant free Medical Adhesive Remover. It uses “bag-in-can” technology, so it can be sprayed at all angles, giving 100% product usage. It does not spray cold on the skin, and is quieter to use than standard aerosols

Peel-Easy Medical Adhesive Remover

Peel-Easy Medical Adhesive Remover

No-sting, gentle silicone formula medical adhesive remover for the painless removal of stoma appliances and dressings. The spray is free from cold aerosol propellant, meaning no cold sensation on application, and works when held at any angle, even upside down. Available as both spray and wipes.

Pelican Deo-Mint Deodorant

Our odour neutralising deodorant uses the latest odour control technology to neutralise and eliminate odour – rather than just masking it. Deo-Mint works quickly and effectively whether sprayed into the pouch or around the room during pouch change, targeting key odours to keep you at your best. Quiet and discreet, Deo-Mint is available on prescription in convenient 50ml bottles and is the perfect addition to your change bag.