Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Salts Stoma Collar

An innovative stoma collar to provide a leak-proof barrier around the base of the stoma.

Salts Support Wear

A brief for ladies in black, nude or white and a unisex boxer in black, nude or white.

Sash Stoma Shield

The Stoma Shield consists of a soft 32mm elastic belt attached to a plastic shield to protect the stoma area. The domed shield has cut-away section at the bottom to allow waste to drop into pouch. Worn over the pouch and stoma. This made-to-measure item requires an Order Form obtainable from Stoma Care Nurses or from SASH detailing waist size and pouch details.

SECURE Large Security Frames

SECURE Large Security Frames have all-round stretch and flexibility and can be positioned precisely around any appliance contour and over any local scarring. This pliability aids the reduction of edge lifting, thus greatly increasing the appliance wear time.

SECURE Small Security Frames

SECURE Small Security Frames are half the size of the Secure Large Security Frames, and therefore are ideal for use on smaller appliances or stoma caps.

Security and Leakage Belt

A belt that helps to eliminate leakage problems by holding the adhesive section of the pouch against the body during all activities. It also gives security against the pouch becoming detached and helps support the weight of a full pouch. Patients are required to complete an order form obtainable from stoma care nurses or SASH detailing waist size and enclosing a sample of pouch used so that the hole within the belt flange can be customised to fit individual requirements.