Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Silicone Ring

Replacement silicone ring for use with the Dansac irrigation set.

Silken Silicone Stoma Gel

Silken Silicone Stoma Gel

Trio Silken Silicone Gel is designed to fill in dips and creases around the stoma to prevent leaks. Silken is an alcohol free gel, which sets using the body’s moisture into a breathable, flexible filler that does not break down. Removes from the skin cleanly and without the need for adhesive removers.

SkinSafe Non-Sting Protective Film

Non-sting protective film is intended to form a barrier between the skin around the stoma and the adhesives incorporated into the flanges and pouches to help prevent skin damage from skin stripping and body fluids.

Sodium Citrate (Micralax)

Enema. Micralax Micro-enema. Adults and children aged 3 years and over: Administer the contents of one micro-enema rectally, inserting the full length of the nozzle. No lubricant is needed as a drop of the mixture is sufficient

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Lecicarbon A/Lecicarbon C Suppository)

Lecicarbon is a fast acting suppository laxative for constipation, giving a predictable, natural response. The easy to use suppository contains two salts, sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate, which, when combined, react to form carbon dioxide gas that gently makes its way to the constipated area and induces peristalsis in 15-30 minutes. Lecicarbon is available in two strengths in the UK; Lecicarbon A is licensed for use in adults and adolescents over 12 years old and Lecicarbon C which can be used in children under 12 years old.