Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


Shewee Briefs and Shorts

Underwear designed to use your Shewee discreetly and easily. Using your Shewee is now more discreet than ever with our Shewee shorts. Designed in 3 fab colours, they are made from super soft, copper infused technical material, keeping you fresh and dry all day long.

Shewee Extreme

Shewee, the portable urinating device, is a moulded, water-repellent plastic funnel, that allows women to urinate without removing clothes. Shewee can be used while standing, and can also be used when sitting on the edge of a bed, or wheelchair. Available on prescription. The Shewee Extreme comes with a Shewee Unit, Extension pipe (for when you are wearing bulky clothing, and to clear your feet), and a carry case. The Shewee Original is available on prescription.

Shewee Flexi

From the makers of the ORIGINAL female urination device, the Shewee, we introduce you to – The Flexi! A larger, flexible version of the Shewee! The Flexi is 1.7cm wider than the original, and comes with an extension pipe.


A lightweight moulded shield, designed to help protect a stoma from direct contact. Shaped to allow a stoma pouch to still function during wear, and offers protection during sporting activities, work, and gardening. Belt ordered separately.

Shortie (3 pack)

High-waist womens underwear with internal pocket for pouch appliance support.