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The MASIC Foundation

The MASIC Foundation
John Eccles House
Robert Robinson Avenue
07721 618078

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The MASIC Foundation is a new charity that provides support to mothers who suffer from anal sphincter injuries during childbirth (charity registered in England and Wales no. 1169632). Not only do these mothers suffer bowel incontinence which includes a lack of being able to control wind and also from not being able to get to the toilet in time, but it also impacts on their whole lives. They feel unclean and compromised as a mother. This condition has a huge impact on the sexual relationship with their partner. Thus, it has many features which stoma patients have to face. We raise awareness of this condition which affects over 10% of all mothers having their first baby and has an even higher incidence when mothers have more children. We provide education days to make the profession more aware of this condition. We have research campaigns to improve awareness, prevention, better detection and more effective therapy. We provide information to mothers via our website and support the mothers through meeting one another in focus groups. Fortunately, not many MASIC mothers need a stoma but they may be required soon after the baby is born in the management of bad tears.

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