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Colestipol Hydrochloride (Colestid)



Diarrhoea Medication. Colestid granules for oral suspension 5g- Dosage- Adults: The recommended initial daily adult dosage of colestipol hydrochloride is 5 grams either once or twice daily. For adults colestipol hydrochloride is recommended in doses of 5 - 30 grams taken as one dose or two divided doses. Initiation of therapy is recommended at 5 grams either once or twice daily with 5 gram increments at one month intervals. Appropriate use of lipid profiles including LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides is advised so that optimal, but not excessive doses are used to obtain the desired therapeutic effect on LDL-cholesterol level. If the desired therapeutic effect is not obtained at a dose of 5 - 30 grams/day with good compliance and acceptable side-effects, combined therapy or alternate treatment should be considered.


3; 10; 1

Sizes Available

Paper/Aluminium foil/vinyl sachets of 5 gm (in packs of 10 or 30 sachets). Pack size: 5 gm Amber glass bottle with screw cap or HDPE bottle with screw cap or tamper-evident cap. Pack size: 250 gm.



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