Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Fleximate Supersoft Shallow Convex Flange

Peak Medical


Fleximate Supersoft two piece ostomy system shallow convex flange



Sizes Available

40mm flange, starter hole 13mm (FC4013); 40mm flange, 16mm stoma (FC4016); 40mm flange, 19mm stoma (FC4019); 50mm flange, starter hole 13mm (FC5013); 50mm flange, 22mm stoma (FC5022); 50mm flange, 25mm stoma (FC5025); 50mm flange, 28mm stoma (FC5028); 60mm flange, starter hole 13mm (FC6013); 60mm flange, 32mm stoma (FC6032); 60mm flange, 35mm stoma (FC6035); 60mm flange, 38mm stoma (FC6038); 60mm flange, 41mm stoma (FC6041).



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