Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Bulk-Forming laxative. Hyfiber is a low volume, liquid fibre supplement-made up of 10.3g from polydextrose and 1.7g from fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Dosage – It is recommended that the addition of Hyfiber to the diet should be gradually increased to meet individual requirements. As a guide: Week 1: Discontinue any other fibre products. Give 1 sachet of Hyfiber (30ml) orally (either neat or mixed into a drink of choice) once per day. Week 2: Discontinue any laxative or stool softeners. Increase dosage of Hyfiber to 1 sachet being given twice per day. Week 3: Maintain dosage of 1 sachet twice per day or decrease to 1 sachet once per day as directed by the health professional. Enteral Tube Feeding – Flush feeding tube. Infuse HyFiber via enteral feeding tube using a syringe. Once infused, flush tube and then continue enteral tube feeding as prescribed.



Sizes Available

12g soluble fibre in each 30ml sachet; packs of 100×30ml sachets.



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