Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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ACE Stopper



Small implant-grade silicone plugs used to seal stoma sites. They form a seal inbetween insertions of the catheter if the stoma is leaking. They also maintain the patency of the stoma if the catheter insertion is difficult or the site closes inbetween catheter insertions. The plugs are aslo for patients with antegrade continence enemas. For 30 days’ intermittent use. Available on prescription.



Sizes Available

(AP8/15) 8FR×15mm Ace Stopper; (AP8/30) 8FR×30mm Ace Stopper; (AP8/60) 8FR×60mm Ace Stopper; (AP10/15) 10FR×15mm Ace Stopper; (AP10/30) 10FR×30mm Ace Stopper; (AP10/60) 10FR×60mm Ace Stopper; (AP12/30) 12FR×30mm Ace Stopper; (AP12/60) 12FR×60mm Ace Stopper; (AP12/100) 12FR×100mm Ace Stopper; (AP14/30) 14FR×30mm Ace Stopper; (AP14/60 14FR×60mm Ace Stopper; (AP14/100) 14FR×100mm Ace Stopper.



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