Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection

Novalife 2 Convex Flange



Specifically designed to apply a firm pressure around the stoma. All barriers have a built-in plastic part which generates pressure around the stoma where it is needed. The depth of the convex barriers is 6mm. The convex products are especially suitable for use with retracted stomas, flush stomas, obesity, a pliable abdominal wall, and stomas in a deep crease.



Sizes Available

36mm ring: cut-to-fit 10–28mm (1936-10); pre-cut 20mm (1936-20), 23mm (1936-23). 43mm ring: cut-to-fit 10–35mm (1943-10); pre-cut 25mm (1943-25), 30mm (1943-30). 55mm ring: cut-to-fit 10–42mm (1955-10), 35–42mm (1955-35); pre-cut 40mm (1955-40). 70mm ring: cut-to-fit 10–59mm (1970-10), 40–59mm (1970-40), 45–59mm (1970-45).



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