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ACE Stopper with Hydrocolloid Dressing

Bullen Healthcare


Silicone stopper for use with ACEs, designed for 30 days use. Ultrafine hydrocolloid dressings available with stopper or separately.


1; 30

Sizes Available

ACE stopper with hydrocolloid dressing: 8fr (ACE8/100), 10fr (ACE10/100), 12fr (ACE12/100), 14fr (ACE14/100); ACE stopper with 30 hydrocolloid dressings: 8fr (ACEM8), 10fr (ACEM10), 12fr (ACEM12), 14fr (ACEM14); pack of 30 hydrocolloid dressings (AFD30)


£14; £39.50; £27

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