Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Bullen Healthcare Products

Absorbian Wand

Easy-application discharge solidifying agent (UFAS-03)

Aquaflush Actif

The Aquaflush Actif is a unique dual-purpose product for either paediatric rectal irrigation or adult stoma irrigation. The product features an ergonomically designed cone which is the perfect size to…

Aquaflush Compact

The Aquaflush Compact is a system that is quick, easy to learn and safe to use. Designed for those who only need a small amount of water when irrigating.

Aquaflush Lite

Aquaflush Lite is our simplified irrigation system using just the essential components to deliver an easy-to-use, compact solution. Its smaller water bag suits users who need less water for each irrig…

Bullen Karaya Gum Washers

The natural healing karaya soothes skin in | addition to providing an effective moisture resistant barrier.

Shelter Closed Pouch

Pouch with bio-dressing resin. Also available as microporous adhesive and as microporous adhesive with bio-dressing resin.

Shelter Stomacap

Microporous adhesive, available with and without bio-dressing resin.