Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Corsinel Suportx Easy Panel Belt

AMI Medical


Compression belt specially designed to support a parastomal hernia as a result of a stoma. The belt has four-way stretch offering controlled compression, and the uniquely designed front panel offers the opportunity to cut a hole to fit the individual stoma pouch.



Sizes Available

White starter hole: 25mm (32-825), 30mm (32-830), 35mm (32-835), 40mm (32-840), 45mm (32-845), 70mm (32-870); beige starter hole: 25mm (36-825), 30mm (36-830), 35mm (36-835), 40mm (36-840), 70mm (36-870); transparent starter hole: 25mm (30-825), 45mm (30-845), 50mm (30-850), 60mm (30-860), 70mm (30-870).



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