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Methylcellulose (Celevac)



Bulk-Forming laxative. Methylcellulose is a simple bulking agent which also occurs naturally. The tablets work by absorbing water and increasing in size to make bulk in the stomach or bowels. This action helps to restore normal bowel function in both constipation and diarrhoea. It can also give a feeling of fullness which can help to reduce your appetite for food. Posology-Colostomy and ileostomy control and for simple diarrhoea: 3-6 tablets twice daily with the minimum of liquid. Liquids should be avoided for 30 minutes before and after each dose. Dosage should be adjusted to give stools of the required consistency. Diverticular disease and ulcerative colitis: 3-6 tablets twice daily adjusted according to the degree of constipation (with 300 ml of liquid), diarrhoea (with a little liquid) or spastic pain. Simple constipation: 3-6 tablets twice daily to be taken with at least 300 ml of liquid. The dose may be reduced as normal bowel function is restored. As an aid to appetite control and the treatment of obesity: 3 tablets with at least 300 ml of warm liquid, half an hour before each meal and between meals when hunger pangs are severe. Method of administration-It is recommended that the tablets should be broken in the mouth before swallowing. Celevac Tablets swell in contact with water and should therefore be swallowed carefully. It is not recommended that these tablets be taken before going to bed.



Sizes Available

500 milligrams



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