Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Alfred SmartBag

11 Health and Technologies


The Alfred SmartBag system works in conjunction with 11 Health’s SmartCare management platform designed for patients and medical professionals. The SmartBag system (including the SmartBaseplate and SmartHub), offers a continuous ostomy monitory system based on continuous patient wear. The system tracks the estimated volumetric filling of the SmartBag and condition of the stoma using integrated sensor technology, by sending alarms to mobile devices and then transfers data securely to the 11 Health Cloud system. Adults Use Only: 22 years of age and above



Sizes Available

Alfred SmartBag – a drainable, opaque bag with a maximum volume of 560 mL Alfred SmartBaseplate – a Flat Sheet. Alfred SmartHub – is rechargeable and should be replaced after 1 year.


Alfred SmartBag £25; Alfred SmartBaseplate £18; Alfred SmartHub £199

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